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Golf by Design was founded by James Wilcher in 1999 to fill a void in the golf architectural space for highly competent, non-signature, commercially orientated but importantly creative golf design solutions, without ego.


Design Philosophy

Golf by Design avoids a stylised design approach, we prefer to tailor each design to its environment, budget and the clients design brief. We emphasize the aesthetic and strategic importance of the selection and placement of each aspect of the golf course landscape, be it the texture and colour of the grasses, the depth and style of the bunkers or the integration of the vertical landscape.


The Team

We are incredibly lucky to have a group of exceptionally talented individuals who share our passion for creating exceptional golf holes. Our most impressive projects are born out of the collaborative efforts of our team members, where ideas are conceived, honed, discarded, and revisited until the optimal outcome is reached. These collaborations often unfold in the field, as the holes take shape and emerge from the ground. Designers work with other designers, designers collaborate with shapers, shapers team up with one another, designers engage with clients, and, of course, everyone collaborates with the natural elements provided by Mother Nature.