Design Philosophy

Golf by Design avoids a stylised design approach, we prefer to tailor each design to its environment, budget and the clients design brief. We emphasize the aesthetic and strategic importance of the selection and placement of each aspect of the golf course landscape, be it the texture and colour of the grasses, the depth and style of the bunkers or the integration of the vertical landscape. The textural diversity of these features enhances the presentation and playing appeal of the course. Identifying these subliminal messages of a site, exposing them, and developing them such that the character of the site is internalised within the overall design is critical to the strategic, aesthetic, environmental and playing dynamics of the finished course.

For the game of golf to be enjoyed by all, a commercial imperative, a course must offer playing options of varying difficulty and not favour players of specific ability. We achieve this through careful consideration of hazard placement; a range of teeing options; width of fairways; depth of rough; and the shape, size and slope of greens. These strategic aspects of golf course design should never be obvious, rather they are revealed only after continual play.

Golf by Design prides itself on developing golf courses that complement and enhance the surrounding environment, encouraging the course to appear as a natural extension of the existing landscape. Still, in cases where the development site confers little natural advantage or is subject to constraints such as flooding or the developer’s commercial objectives, we have proven adept at applying our creative and strategic design skills to manufacture a natural looking result that satisfies our clients specific needs aesthetically and economically.