Elanora Country Club

Elanora is a stately, private golf club in Sydney, Australia. After an extensive international selection process the Club engaged Golf by Design to develop a master plan that would revitalise the course without losing its defining character at the same time as establishing a new benchmark for strategic, environmental and agronomic golf course standards.

A major challenge on this project was securing the endorsement of a committed but skeptical membership for renovation. To pave the way for the members’ endorsement for the proposed changes, Golf by Design developed a lateral planning and construction scheduling solution that ensured the master plan’s implementation could be carried out without taking the golf course out of play. In addition, involving stakeholders during the planning process and leading communication forums that ensured Members were informed of the benefits of implementing the master plan were also key initiatives that contributed to the success of this project.

Local statutory authorities were another significant stakeholder that required proactive and careful management. A combination of regular consultation and the incorporation of environmental best practice during the planning, design and construction phases proved integral to securing their approval and support for the renovation. The new golf course has been overwhelmingly well received by members and, significantly, has been the catalyst for the Club’s reinvigoration and growing waiting list. Golf Digest’s recent determination that the new course now merits a ranking in Australia’s top 50 courses has objectively affirmed members satisfaction with their renovated golf course!

“Golf by Design has the patience to understand the feelings of Members without giving away too many concessions that may weaken the end result”
– Tony Parker, former Captain Elanora Country Club.

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