Cromer Golf Club

Cromer Golf Club engaged GBD after determining that a Master Plan they had previously commissioned was fundamentally flawed. In briefing GBD, the Club requested that a spectrum of redevelopment concepts, which entailed a range of change from marginal to radical, be presented.

Within that context the express Master Plan objectives included:

  • Opening up piped creeks to ensure adherence to best environmental practices;
  • Improving the playing surface of greens;
  • Improving the overall playing strategy of the course;
  • Ensuring a fair and enjoyable challenge for players of all levels;
  • Redesigning the layout (if possible) to produce two loops of nine holes to facilitate optimising course management operations and associated revenues;
  • Making use of additional land(s) to improve/lengthen/make safer the current golf course layout.

Ultimately the Club adopted a conservative approach and endorsed a mid-spectrum Master Plan concept. That said it is notable that with the finished results attracting universal accolades, the Board wished they had had the courage to implement even more radical changes.

In order to minimize disruption to Members, reconstruction works were broken up into five stages to allow the golf course to remain in-play throughout each construction phase. Reconstruction works commenced in 2003, with completion of all stages by the end of 2006.

The Club has gone from strength to strength since completion of the commission with renewed enthusiasm from members.

Since completion of the master plan works GBD has since been commissioned by the Club to manage necessary changes brought on by the loss of waterfront land along the Club boundary with Narrabeen lake. Again those changes have been very favourably received by Club members.

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