Ian Baker-Finch & GBD Design Partnership

In exciting news for the Golf Course Design industry Ian Baker-Finch and GBD have combined forces to seek design opportunities world-wide. Having worked together many years ago and being highly respectful of both abilities and reputation, this is a natural fit for both Ian and GBD.

Like-minded, with a focus on delivering visually stunning golf courses playable by all, the GBD-IBF team believe the design market seeks and deserves a respected design team who can assist the delivery of design projects in a highly competent manner, without waste but with acclaim.ibflogo&gbd

Bringing together Ian’s reputation for quality in everything in golf, from brand ambassadorial work to broadcasting and design, and GBD’s long regarded reputation for delivering high quality golfing playgrounds, on time and within budget, we see enormous potential for both in a collaborative approach to design and delivery.

It is indeed an exciting time for both respective groups who see the potential of working together as being one of extreme opportunity.