Golf courses are timeless assets that leave an indelible legacy long beyond those chartered with the responsibility of designing them have gone. Today, more than ever, environmental sustainability is crucial. The Golf by Design team is committed to creating golf courses that are carbon positive and incorporate environmental best practice.

We achieve this through a number of initiatives:

 Mapping of the carbon footprint of golf courses through the planning, design and development, construction and maintenance phases.

 Consideration and management of the biodiversity of the site including:

  • Ensuring the highest standards of water management (both ground and surface) encompassing¬†usage, harvesting, recycling and filtration.
  • Integration, where appropriate, of adequate buffer zones to areas of high ecological¬†significance.
  • Preservation and enhancement of riparian zones and their management.
  • Preservation and enhancement of native habitat.
  • Appropriate selection of turf grass.
  • Soil management and erosion control.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Air and noise management.
  • Protection of sensitive receptors.
  • Education and training.¬†

Design of first class maintenance facilities, including appropriate storage of hazardous chemicals and well designed wash down areas.