How We Work

Simply put, this depends upon the site!

How do you design a golf course ‘on the ground’ if that golf course is located on the side of a mountain in Korea???

Some people will tell you great golf holes are not designed in an office, but frankly we at GBD believe this is a cop out! Perhaps more a reflection of the ability to document a project unambiguously and an inability to envisage a golf hole long before the machinery hits the ground.

Generally such an approach crucifies budgets, approvals and ultimately a projects delivery.

stage2That’s not to say great golf holes designed on paper can’t be ‘tweaked’ in the field to improve what can’t be detailed on paper however, to the Client’s benefit, this approach has little impact on budgets and programs.

Our level of detail allows great golf courses to reveal themselves long before construction commences, of course this approach is complemented by a hands on approach during construction with Clients confident in the knowledge that our planning and detailed design skills facilitates a quantifiable and definitive outcome on time and within budget. This is a sound basis for our success over the last twenty years and importantly is a point of difference between ourselves and our competitors.

stage 3Not every site is sand based, as much as we would like it to be, it allows designers to make and remake mistakes before delivering a golf course that through careful planning and design could have been completed months before.